Key Type Purpose Format/usage
cc.models object data storage { /* ... */} array list of log events [{ .name, .time, .el }, {}]
cc.models.user object per-user log events { "user": [{ .name, .time, .el }, {}] }
cc.models.ip object per-ip log events { "ip": [{ .name, .time, .el }, {}] }
cc.models.duplicates object cross-user log events with IP duplication { "ip": [{ .name, .time, .el }, {}] }
cc.models.banlist array list of banned users (100 max) ["username", ""]
cc.models.chatlist array list of users in chat ["username", ""]
cc.ui object script UI and extension { /* ... */}
cc.ui.$container jQuery element log interface wrapper
(parent of ui.$toolbar)
as variable
cc.ui.$toolbar jQuery element log toolbar for library ui.$items as variable
cc.ui.$items object list of items for $toolbar { "go": $go, "update": $update, "delay": $delay }
cc.ui.extend function item extension for ui.$toolbar
  • cc.ui.extend('name', '<tag>', {/* attributes */}, 'label')
  • ui.extend appends item to the toolbar, adds item to ui.$items and returns jQuery element
  • Examples TBA - see code.js.
cc.ui.$logs object list of Chatconnect logs { "main": $main }
cc.ui.createLog function log creation for ui.$logs
  • cc.ui.createLog({ 'name': 'ban', 'header': 'Banned users'})
  • ui.createLog creates new log, adds item to ui.$logs and returns jQuery element
  • Examples TBA - see code.js.
cc.util object script utilities { /* ... */}
cc.util.$style jQuery element inline stylesheet See util.addCSS function.
cc.util.addCSS function embedded styles cc.util.addCSS('/* CSS! */')
cc.util.$spinner jQuery element sideloading indicator as variable
cc.util.$cache jQuery element log cache as variable
cc.util.time function log time parser
  • cc.util.time() outputs ISO timestamp
  • cc.util.time('<DATE>') outputs { "iso": "<ISOString>", "original": "<DATE>" }
cc.update function sideloading handler cc.update()
cc.time string data cycle ISO timestamp YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss.sssZz